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Winner's Circle

NiaPulse membership includes the chance to win cash and prizes for participating in our surveys and studies!

When will you join the NiaPulse Winner's Circle? The following members are winners of survey prize drawings completed in late 2007. Each of them won a $100 American Express Gift Certificate:

L. Toussaint, Honolulu, HI
T. Goodwin, Byram, MS
E. Alston, Newport News, VA

Coming Soon
Members will have the chance to earn market points whenever they take a survey for which they are eligible. Market points will be redeemable for exciting rewards!

To take advantage of these NiaPulse member benefits, join now!



Impact of the Economy on the Black Family


How U.S. Women's Views on Illegal Workers Differ by Ethnicity


Black Women Are More Heavily Influenced by Online Product Information


These NiaPulse Members Have Joined The Winner's Circle!


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